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The road to sustainability

Dustex is based on Nature's own binder, lignin. This substance is derived from wood and it is the binder that holds the wood fibers together giving the tree its extraordinary strength.

Dustex is an effective soil binder and stabilizer of unpaved roads, while also being environment friendly.  The product effectively binds the soil particles, reduces the amount of dust generated and thus increases road safety.  When Dustex is used consistently, it builds ups in the road and further increases its integrity.  By functioning as a binder, not only does Dustex minimize dust generation, it also holds the aggregate, resulting in less road maintenance, lower aggregate costs and a higher quality road.

Experience shows that Dustex reduces traffic noise, requires less follow-up treatments and provides greater load bearing capacity. In general, Dustex simply gives a more lasting result. Instead of having to repeat the treatment after a short period of time, maintenance resources can be used elsewhere. The end result is a high quality road with low to no impact on the environment.  

That's how we all win!

In 2019 Dustex also earned the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Certified Biobased Product Label, with 100% biobased content.

Dustex Is USDA Certified Biobased

The natural binder

Climate gas evaluation:

  • Life cycle analysis: 1 kg lignin = 1.5 kg CO2
  • Green and sustainable


Green Borregaard profile:

  • Raw material: absorbs CO2 and is natural, renewable and sustainable 
  • Process: CO2 neutral
  • Product: organic material, not petroleum based 


Without health risks:

  • Skin: Classified as non-irritating. (Test 404 of the OECD)
  • Eyes: Classified as non-irritating. (Test 405 of the OECD)
  • Ingestion: classified as non-toxic, LD50 - 15,000 mg / kg


EPD certificate

Dustex is the only dust suppressant with EPD environmental certification for unpaved roads in Norway.